Like OMG!

Someone just paid $5700 to be a bridesmaid on Ebay. I kid you not! How could I make this up. Kelly3971 has found a way to help offset the cost of her wedding.

Have you ever wanted to be in a wedding and never been asked? Here is your opportunity! I am trying to fund my dream wedding and this is a chance for you to help me and participate in my “big day”

Kelly isn’t giving up total control. She’s gets to pick the shoes and the dress for the lucky BM to be.

This auction includes: Your bridesmaid dress and shoes OF MY CHOICE, A place in my bridal party lineup, Attendance to the ceremony and the wedding reception for you and ONE guest on Sunday April 19, 2009 at time yet to be determined,Must be willing to participate in photos, videos and any other wedding activities being held on Sunday April 19, 2009

Kudos to Kelly3971 on being creative with her budget.