photo by Seattle wedding photographer In a Frame Photography

The traditional and most precise definition of photojournalism is a story or news told through images or essentially, photographic storytelling. You often see photojournalism in the newspaper or during a news broadcast. But more recently the style has emerged full force in wedding photography and instead of just the stiff, traditional poses, wedding photographers are capturing each moment as it unfolds through the course of the big day.

The goal of photojournalism is to capture the intimate details and raw emotions, from the moment the bride starts getting ready to the tears shed at the last toast. The photojournalistic style affords photographers flexibility and ensures unique, one-of-kind wedding photos; since the photographer doesn’t dictate or direct how the guests pose, the resulting photos are spontaneous and candid. One of the best things about photojournalism is you may end up with a myriad of photos that captured moments you didn’t even witness.

Each photographer’s definition of photojournalism is likely to vary as widely as their personal styles do; it is a style of photography that lacks any standard definition within the wedding industry. Whether you’re looking for a California or New York City wedding photographer, if a photojournalism style is important to you, make sure your vision matches the photographer. Otherwise, keep searching!