“Jam Favors”
by Pennsylvania wedding photographer Kathy Martin

If you’re looking to trim wedding costs, the favors are a great place to start! Favors can cost anywhere from $1 per guest to nearly $20 each. Whether you want a chic DIY favorite or an indulgent treat, here are a few cost-cutting tips to keep in mind.

  • From candy to candles and everything in between, favors are almost always cheaper when purchased in bulk.
  • If it fits your theme, use cheap yet totally chic packaging such as brown paper and twine (for a rustic, country wedding) or clear cellophane bags with tulle.
  • If you have your heart set on high-end, expensive favors, have them serve double duty by giving one gift per couple instead of individually. Put the couple’s names on each one and place between their plates.
  • Go DIY-style…you don’t have to be a blossoming Martha Stewart to create darling favors.  Round up family and friends for a night of favor-making, you’re budget will thank you!
  • Get creative with fun $1 favors such as lotto tickets, flower seeds, shot glasses, holiday ornaments, magnets and bottle openers.