Photo by New Jersey wedding photographer Margaret J. Cotton

1.    What’s Your Style? -  Does the videographer specialize in a cinematic or documentary style or perhaps a mixture of both?
2.    How Many Weddings Have you Done? – Make sure the videographer is experienced in shooting weddings of your size and ask to see samples of their work (reputable videographers should have a myriad of samples for potential clients to review).
3.    How Do you Coordinate with the Photographer – The photographer and the videographer will need to work closely together to ensure they can each deliver stunning results without getting in each other’s way.
4.    Have you Shot a Wedding at My Ceremony/Reception Venue? – If so, ask the videographer to see the video to get a sense of how they performed at the particular site.
5.    Are you Shooting Any Other Weddings the Same Day or Weekend? – You’ll want to make sure that there are no scheduling conflicts or time constraints that could interfere.
6.    Will You Be Shooting the Wedding? – Make sure the videographer you are actually talking to will be shooting your wedding and won’t be sending an assistant or other videographer.
7.    What Type of Equipment Do You Use? – Find out how new the videographer’s equipment is and ask if they can explain in layman’s terms how it all works.
8.    How Intrusive is the Equipment? – If your ceremony venue is more of an intimate space, make sure you find out how much space the videographer will need and how bright of a light will be used.
9.    Will You Have Backup Equipment? – Make sure the videographer has backup equipment in case the there is a problem with the original equipment.
10.     How Do you Charge? – Does the videographer offer packages or charge hourly?  Request a price list and make sure you nail down the cost of what you want before you sign a contract!