photo by San Francisco wedding photographer Kate Watson

When it comes to fall weddings, nailing the perfect blooms that incorporate the changing season can be a bit tricky.  From rich textures to vibrant hues, here’s how to make a seasonally beautiful (and appropriate) bouquet.

Deep Shades
You can still use classic flowers popular throughout spring and summer, just tailor them for the changing season; think deep coppers, oranges, reds, plums and forest green.

Seasonal Accents
Spice up your bouquet with season accents such as berries, feathers or leaves (e.g. elm, maple, oak or sycamore leaves).  We also love the idea of using wheat stems, especially if you have a country chic theme.  Here’s another idea: use a lush velvet or satin ribbon to wrap around the stems.

Fall Blooms
Whether you need a little guidance when it comes to seasonal flowers or want a rich alternative to the traditional rose, here are just a few of the many beautiful blooms apt for the cool, crisp weather and changing leaves.

  • Black-Eyed Susan – This common American wildflower comes in a bright yellow and rich brown.
  • Chrysanthemum – Often referred to just as mums, look for these blooms in gold, orange and red.
  • Coreopsis – Another sunny yellow bloom, the coreopsis has velvety petals and a wide stigma (the center of the flower).
  • Dahlia – These full blooms that boast as much texture as they do petals come in a variety of hues but most appropriate for fall are the brown, orange, red and yellow shades.
  • Wax Flower – In shades of crisp white and deep purple, the small wax flower is often used for filler.