photo by New York City wedding photographer Zorz Studios

Remember the old adage “you get what you pay for?”  Nothing seems to ring truer when it comes to wedding photography.  While it’s certainly understandable that in the midst of these tough economic times brides want to have the wedding of their dreams without the hefty price tag, your wedding photography isn’t necessarily the place to cut corners.

Wedding photographs provide a visual narrative of the most important day of your life.  The photographer is tasked with capturing those intimate and significant moments that constitute your wedding – it’s a charge that should not be entrusted to someone who lacks the experience and talent you’re looking for in a photographer.  A reputable, gifted (and sometimes more costly) wedding photographer should be regarded as a long-term investment; the memories he or she captures will last long after the food and drinks are gone, the flowers have died, and the guests have left.

Now don’t get me wrong…this isn’t to say you should disregard your wedding budget entirely (darn those budgets!), but an enticing price tag should not be the sole deciding factor when selecting a photographer. Consider cutting back on smaller, less noticeable details (e.g. tone down the lavish centerpieces or have cocktail hour instead of an open bar all night) before you risk sacrificing beautiful, priceless portraits in the name of frugality. Who wants to reminisce their wedding over cringe-worthy, lackluster, and dreadful photographs? Certainly not you…