Planning your honeymoon but feeling the pinch of your budget?  Try these five tips to ensure your honeymoon is the romantic vacay of your dreams, not a discount let-down.

Work with an Agent
A travel agent can provide one-stop, stress-free honeymoon planning that can’t be beat.  And they may just be well worth the extra cost (both monetarily and emotionally) once you consider the money (and time) they’ll save you with the deals and packages they can procure.   Make sure you let the travel agent know what your priorities are so they can properly plan your itinerary.

Pick a Cheaper Destination
A handful of factors can make certain honeymoon spots a real bargain.  For example, a weak currency in Mexico and parts of the Caribbean can make for a dynamite deal at certain tropical getaways.  Or places that have just been hit by major storms or other disasters can dramatically cut costs at popular destinations.

Stay Stateside
Who said you have to go abroad for the perfect honeymoon?  Generally speaking, the shorter the flight, the cheaper the fare so look into a trip a little closer to home.  You may even consider saving that money and putting it towards a more luxurious hotel or resort within driving distance.

Go All-Inclusive
The best part about all-inclusive trips is you and your honey can live like royalty for one flat-fee…there’s no surprise charges or hidden costs.  Whether a cruise or a resort, most all-inclusive packages include meals, drinks, activities, entertainment, gratuities, tax, and more.

This is not the time to be modest – when you are asking about rates or reservations, let the individual know you will be honeymooning!  You may just find yourself upgraded to the honeymoon suite with the ocean view.