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This is not the time to be modest – when you are asking about rates or reservations, let the individual know you will be honeymooning! You may just find yourself upgraded to the honeymoon suite with the ocean view.

Featured Colorado Wedding Photographers!

By Mark Lutz + March 7th, 2009

Michele & Mark Sprague-DeVries of IN Photography located in Evergreen, CO our one of newest featured wedding photographers. They themselves were recently married after some gun play and a few tequillas.
…we began attending The Art Institute of Colorado to get our degrees in photography. When Mark was held up at gunpoint in his apartment he [...]

Nothing Normal About This Wedding Photographer

By Mark Lutz + February 6th, 2009

Mark Romine hails from Normal Illinois and is this weeks featured WedFog photographer.

“A long time ago I never thought I would like photographing weddings, I thought there would be too much pressure. It took only photographing one wedding to change my mind. I absolutely love what I do and I love seeing the expressions on [...]

I was shooting portraits, rock bands, and fine-art photography. I went to a wedding in North Carolina. It was a friend of my wife, and I brought my camera and a few rolls of film. The hired photographer was really cool and let me shoot along with him. I had a great time. On the [...]

North Carolina Featured Wedding Photographer Bob Decker

By Mark Lutz + December 23rd, 2008

Congrats to Bob Decker one of our newest featured members. Bob has this to say for himself.
I truely love the entire day. During the typical event I get to play photojournalist, still life/food photographer and portrait artist. It’s great to have a little variety in your work day. But if I have to [...]

Congratulations to Rhee Bevere the very first WedFog featured wedding photographer. Rhee is from and works in the Bay Area of California. She has this to say about herself and wedding photography.
I’m a total wedding nerd. No really! I absolutely love everything about weddings – the transformation from beautiful woman to glowing bride, the vows, [...]

Large and Lovely Boudoir Photography

By Mark Lutz + May 3rd, 2008

Tammy Warnock a WedFog member and owner of True Blue Photography and True Blue Intimates was recently featured interviewed by Bella Online about plus size boudoir photography. Bella online author M.E. Wood had this to say about Tammy’s boudoir photography work.
Looking through Tammy’s gallery images it’s obvious she gives each model special attention (check out [...]


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