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Hello world!

By admin + May 22nd, 2009

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Wedding Emergency Survival Kits

By Mark Lutz + April 3rd, 2009

Being a photographer and carrying my own kit to weddings. I know just how important this is. The wedding emergency kit website has everything you need to take care of those unexpected events on your wedding day.
Although we hope your wedding day is perfect and that everything goes smoothly, emergencies happen and we want you [...]

Valuable Wedding Resources

By Mark Lutz + April 1st, 2009

WedFog is currently collecting links to non wedding photographer resources. If you have a link you’d like to publish in our wedding directory please let us know via email.

One of Madison Wisconsin’s Finest

By Mark Lutz + March 31st, 2009

WedFog photographer Adam Perkins started his wedding photography career by shooting for a family member. He shares with us some excellent tips for brides to be in the Madison area.
My favorite venue to shoot at in Madison is the Capitol building. There are so many side and angels to explore it never gets old. [...]

What All Brides Need To Know About Copyrights

By Mark Lutz + March 7th, 2009

Confused by copyright? Wondering how copyright applies to you as a bride? Some photographers wonder too…
Believe it or not when a photographer takes a photo of a person not only does the photographer have specific ownership rights known as the copyright but so does the subject of the photo. The Right of [...]

What Makes A Wedding Photographer A Professional?

By Mark Lutz + March 5th, 2009

WedFog photographer Howard Kier of Magical Moments photography in Chicago shares some valuable information for those brides to be in search of a professional wedding photographer.
Plumbers, Doctors, Electricians and many other professions are licensed. Unfortunately, professional photographers are not. Anybody can walk into the store, buy a professional looking camera and say they [...]

Colorado Spring Wedding Hot Spots

By Mark Lutz + February 3rd, 2009

Colorado Springs wedding photographer Holly Pacione helps WedFog identify the top wedding photography hot spots across the area.
“…over the years, I have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful spots in Colorado Springs at which to take wedding photographs, and I use these when there is not a specific location that draws meaning [...]

Photo Booths – Not Just for Mallrats Anymore

By Mark Lutz + January 26th, 2009

We’ve all let our fun side show in a photo booth at some point. Some more than other but we won’t go there. Wink, wink…!

Baltimore wedding photographer Dennis Drenner has found that his clients and more importantly their friends and family love the idea of having a photo booth setup at their weddings.
I have [...]

Have You Considered An Engagement Session

By Mark Lutz + January 21st, 2009

Have you considered and engagement session? Seattle wedding photographer Casey Karbowski tells gives you a few good reasons why you shouldn’t rule one out.
an engagement session is an expression of your personality. Choose a location that tells something about the two of you. First dates, proposals, favorite hang outs, all of these can make great [...]

Wedding Planning on a Budget

By Mark Lutz + January 19th, 2009

WedFog member and wedding photographer Howard Kier shares some down and dirty. Tried and true tips for those of you planning your wedding on a budget.
So what can you do? The key is to minimize the amount of time you’ll need the photographer. One way to do this is reduce the amount of [...]


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