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What are the advantages of having a solo photographer?

There are many photographers who feel that by working alone, they provide their clients with the best possible images.

Many photographers want their subjects to be themselves and act naturally, and forget there's a photographer in the room.  This is very easy for the solo wedding photographer.  One of the things many photographers want to hear, is that the bride and groom "didn't notice that the photographer was there."  The bride and groom can relax and enjoy their friends and family.  Working alone allows that single photographer to blend in, to disappear in the crowd, and to be easily forgotten, while capturing magnificent, natural, images.

Having one photographer means you're dealing with one person who's had many conversations with you since you first met.  The solo wedding photographer know your wants and your needs and understands WHO you are: The photographer can sense when you're going smile or cry or do that cute thing with your nose that your groom so loves about you.  The photographer knows you.  The better your photographer knows you, the better and more personal the images are going to be.


Contributed by Rob Rife


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