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What are the advantages of the different types of proofing?

There are several proofing options available: prints, portfolios, CDs, DVDs, and web proofing.  Prints as proofs are often 4” x 6” and come in either a presentation box or an album.  The advantage of the print as a proof is that you can physically sort the pictures into groups for albums and reprints. Proof portfolios are generally 8” x 10” or 10” x 13” and contain 4 to 12 images per page.  The advantages of a proof portfolio are that they make it easy to quickly locate images, and they’re handy to carry around. CD and DVD proofing allows you to view images on your computer, often with some sort of software that displays the images as a slideshow, sometimes even set to music.  Other CD and DVD proofing advantages include the ability to zoom in on images, as well as portability. Web proofing is often the quickest form of proofing and the easiest to share with friends and family.  Some websites will offer “favorites” folders as well as the ability to crop and convert images to black-and-white.  Some studios will offer only one of these options, while others offer a combination of them.


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