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So many wedding photographers say "we do photojournalism." I don't get it! Are they all photojournalists?

Many couples searching for a wedding photographer are attracted to images that look "natural" -- unposed photographs that capture a specific moment in time, exactly as it happened.  A pure photojournalist will shoot your wedding without interference or interaction.  The pure photojournalist won't pose you or your guests, using only his or her unique skill set to capture your images in a most flattering light.  The resulting photographs will show your wedding in a most natural fashion.

Some photographers call themselves "documentary wedding photographers." They too will document your wedding day as it happens.

Some wedding photographers will capture parts of your wedding without interference or interaction, but at times during the day, they will pose you, or make suggestions about where to stand, to smile, to kiss, and will interact with you and your guests as they see fit.  If you ask these photographers if they do photojournalism, they'll likely say "yes" because they do avoid interacting during parts of the day.

In each case, after you ask about "photojournalism," it's a good idea to also ask "Do you ever pose your subjects, or make suggestions that will help us look our best?"  You'll get a better idea of how the wedding photographer you're considering works on your wedding day.

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