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What is the advantage to having two wedding photographers from the same company shooting simultaneously?

There are many advantages!  Two wedding photographers can shoot from two different angles or locations—they can literally be in two places at once, to capture all the action.  For instance, during the ceremony, one may be up in the balcony shooting a wide-angle view, while the other is near the altar getting a close-up shot of the bride’s eyes tearing up.  Two wedding photographers may also shoot from two different perspectives, even if shooting the same scene.  One might tell the overall story while the other is shooting an artistic detail of the same story.  Having two skilled photographers can allow many more details of your wedding to be captured.  A wedding photography team can also be good insurance in case a guest steps in front of one photographer or a camera fails during a critical moment—there will still be another professional ready for action.  Some wedding photography studios offer two photographer shoots as their standard, while others charge an additional fee for the second photographer.


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