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WedFog Article: Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

"...more often we just let guests do their own thing. I have found the photo booth to be overwhelmingly popular, both during the wedding, and afterwards when my clients and guests have a large set of portraits that help them remember the day...."

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WedFog Article: Why Your Wedding Photographer is Important

"Only your wedding photographer will be focused on you through all of it. To record the day’s events, we have to always be there…around…watching. Not in your face, in the background. Experience tells us when to expect things to happen, when to nudge them along and when to stay out of the way. We might take photos of your flowers, your table plans, your decorations, but we will always know where you are and when. Right up until it’s time to leave...."

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WedFog Article: Tips for Staying on Budget

"Before you start looking at wedding photographers, decide exactly what you and your fiancée want to have photographed.  These photographs will provide you with visual reminders to help you remember your wedding day.  So if a photo is not taken, you will most likely forget that particular detail.  Your wedding photography is an investment.  An investment in your memories...."

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WedFog Local: Fort Worth Wedding Portraits - Texas

"we took a bride and groom for a walk in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. We discovered a whole new world of alleys, bricked streets, and eclectic western architecture which has provided us with one of a kind images for our clients. We meet in Sundance Square and start our portrait session there. Painted on the south side of the radio station is the famous western mural. Many times, we photograph the bride and groom with a 15mm lens fisheye to capture an unusual effect and western feel to the image. Here, we photograph the bride with the groom standing behind her, slightly out of focus. Then we reverse the couple...."

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WedFog Article: Boudoir & Intimate Photography

"Boudoir sessions are tasteful photos that hint at sexiness. Every person has their own idea of what sexy is as well as what they are comfortable with. These sessions are cute, fun, sexy, flirty and even a bit sensual all the while maintaining your comfort level..."

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WedFog Blog: Colorado Springs Wedding Photography

"...over the years, I have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful spots in Colorado Springs at which to take wedding photographs, and I use these when there is not a specific location that draws meaning for my clients. From the list, they get to pick the spot that appeals most to them."

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Honest Answers: Wedding Photography FAQ

As a bride you have questions about your wedding. Who better to answer them than a professional wedding photographer?


Q. Does my dress have to be "Trashed" ?

In short no. A lot of the trash the dress or next day creative shoots that we do with our couples (and they can include the groom) may be out of the norm but the dresses generally survive the experience and are absolutely fine after a dry clean.
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Q. What are proofs? What are online wedding proofs?

A proof is a general representation of the final portrait. Back in the days of film all of the negatives were processed the same. No special techniques were used to enhance any one photo. After the proof was selected the photo would be printed from the negative by a skilled lab in the darkroom.
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Q. Can I post my wedding photographs on my own website, blog or Facebook etc?

Photographs taken by your wedding photographer are copyrighted and you do need permission to display them online. Many wedding photographers are happy to hear that you can't wait to show off your images, but he or she will want to ensure the quality of the work being presented...

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Q. What is a boudoir photography session?

Boudoir photography sessions are tasteful photos that hint at sexiness...These sessions are cute, fun, sexy, flirty and even a bit sensual all the while maintaining your comfort level.
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Q. How do I find an affordable wedding photographer?

For sure "Affordable" is a relative term. What may be affordable to you might be out of reach for someone else. What it boils down to is how do you get what you want within your perdetermined wedding photography budget. Here are a few tips that might help you stretch your numbers and still get the quality of wedding photography you desire... 

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