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WedFog Local: Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Featured

Will Henshall - "Southern California has some truly spectacular venues. If we are pushed to choose, we would have to say the Sunset Restaurant on Zuma Beach in Malibu - the ultimate beach sunset wedding setting. And then for sheer fairy tale magic Calamigos Ranch in Malibu Canyon is like being in a twinkly sparkly hidden garden. You almost expect to see elves dancing around in the twilight!"

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WedFog Local: Normal Illinois Wedding Photographer Featured

Mark Romine - "I love capturing the raw emotions that take place thought-out the wedding day...I absolutely love what I do and I love seeing the expressions on the faces of our clients when they see their photos."

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WedFog Blog: Blue Dress Barn - Michigan

Not far from Chicago or Detroit and situated amongst wild flowers and history, this unique reception hall is the creative result of husband and wife team Amy and Kirby Briske. Both artist-designers, they combined their talents and restored this loved landmark to its present beauty. Housed in the historic "House of David Dairy Barn," the 4,600 square foot Blue Dress Barn....

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WedFog Local: Urban Wedding Photography with a Twist

"we took a bride and groom for a walk in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. We discovered a whole new world of alleys, bricked streets, and eclectic western architecture which has provided us with one of a kind images for our clients. We meet in Sundance Square and start our portrait session there. Painted on the south side of the radio station is the famous western mural....."

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WedFog Article: Emerging Trends in Wedding Photography

"Day After sessions are one of the latest trends in wedding photography. Gone are the days of 'pre-bridal' sessions and worrying about getting your dress dirty. Brides and grooms can participate in a variety of fun, romantic and even sexy sessions after their actual wedding day. Sessions can be done one week, one month or even one year after the big day....."

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WedFog Article: Pre-Wedding Photography - Engagement Sessions

"The majority of couples will meet their photographer only once while deciding who will shoot their wedding and perhaps again at the pre-wedding consult if there is one.  The next time they meet and the first time they are photographed is on the day of the wedding.  The chances of having built a meaningful rapport are minimal and this is why a photography session before the wedding can mean the difference between good photographs and amazing photographs....."

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WedFog Local: Cyprus Weddings - Greece

"I would recommend Italy, Greece, South of France, Spain and any where in the Mediterranean during the summer months - in fact spring or autumn may suite some of the wedding destinations better due to the heat!..."

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WedFog Local: Fun Cleveland Wedding Photography - Ohio

"lets get funky with our Cleveland wedding photography. Especially for autumn wedding photography, what better site for pictures then a cemetery, Lakeview cemetery, which is home to the Rockefellers. You could go to the Natural History Museum in Cleveland and take a picture riding on the Stegosaurus. If you are more of a old world type, you could go to Squire’s castle in the metro parks, but beware of the weather, Squires was never completed and there is no roof..."

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WedFog Local: The Roostertail Wedding in Detroit - Michigan

"The Roostertail is a beautiful setting for wedding photography right on the Detroit river. The main dining room is surrounded by big glass windows allowing lots of natural light to come through. It is also right near downtown Detroit and the Renaissance Center where there are lots of great places to go for photos with the bride and groom...."

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WedFog Article: The professional wedding photography difference

"Weddings are expensive and complex events, and it often seems tempting to a couple to accept the services of a friend or family member in order to save money and time.  However, there are several very clear benefits to having a professional wedding photographer. With a combination of experience, artistic approach, and choice of equipment, the professional wedding photographer’s work will stand out..."

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WedFog Local: Getting Married in Washington D.C.

"A seasoned wedding photographer will have the experience to work effectively in public places, the technical expertise to adjust to a variety of lighting conditions and the artistic flair to balance you and the site you’ve selected in your photographic compositions..."

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WedFog Local: The Crystal Coast - North Carolina

"The beaches and associated beach houses and beach clubs are all popular venues for Crystal Coast wedding photography, wedding ceremonies and receptions. Additionally the North Carolina State Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores makes a spectacular setting for weddings. There are a number of island themed bars and restaurants that also make great locations for wedding receptions."

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WedFog Local: Getting Married in New Orleans - Louisiana

"For an elegant, traditional bridal portrait, the front steps of the New Orleans Museum of Art is a very popular location.  For a fun, natural-environment engagement portrait, City Park or Audubon Park are good choices.  For a grittier, edgier bridal or engagement portrait, nothing beats simply roaming the French Quarter, seeking out interesting doorways and old weathered walls, in front of which the immaculate and beautiful bride creates a striking visual contrast.  These wedding photography sessions are always spontaneous, fun, and unpredictable..."

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WedFog Local: Block Island Wedding - Rhode Island

"Block Island is an enchanting and quaint island 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island.  Planning a Block Island wedding presents challenges because of its proximity in the Atlantic Ocean.  However this location also offers breathtaking beauty and a unique spot for a destination wedding..."

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WedFog Article: Wedding makeup & photography

"As a wedding photographer, one of the most frequently asked questions by brides is about their wedding day makeup. Of course, they want to look beautiful in person and also in their photographs. With over 27 years of experience photographing brides, we’ve collected some great tips..."

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WedFog Article: Tips for planning a green wedding

A Colorado wedding photorapher and his green, carbon-neutral studio, Dreamtime Images offers brides this advice, "...web sites can calculate how many tons of CO2 will be released due to the wedding, and based on that will give you a dollar amount you can donate...."

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WedFog Article: Booking the "Right" wedding photographer

"For most of the brides I work with, booking the right wedding photographer is usually first or second on their list of priorities. Some have even gone as far as eliminating or reducing the budget for another part of the wedding just to have the right photographer..."

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WedFog Article: Wedding photojournalism defined

"Hiring a wedding photojournalist does not mean you’ll be forsaking all portraiture at your wedding. Newspaper photographers have been taking portraits for decades. Many wedding photojournalists focus on relaxed portraiture – a directed image where the subject may or may not be looking at the camera..." writes a WedFog North Carolina wedding photographer.

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WedFog Forum: Wedding superstitions

Columbus Ohio wedding photographer Stacey James Krupinski shares "...there seem to be a few superstitions that a lot of couples hold to. I would say that over 90% of Brides and Grooms still hold to the addage that it's bad luck for the Groom to see the Bride, in her Dress, the day of the wedding UNTIL she is walking down the Isle. As a photographer..." 

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WedFog Article: Ceremony location & photography

You have already decided without a doubt that your wedding photos are what are most important to you.  Atlanta, GA based wedding photographer Tracey Brown says one question that I believe some brides don’t think to address is, "How will my ceremony location effect my wedding photography?...

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WedFog Article: The Engagement Session

Most wedding photographers have learned the hard way that some couples are uncomfortable or freeze in front of the camera.  Some couples are conditioned to smile every time a lens is turned their way, while others blink.  Jen Bebb of Bebb Studios says, "This session helps the photographers iron out those kinks..."

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WedFog News: The WedFog Blog

We're very excited to announce that WedFog now has a blog. Be sure to check it often for interesting stories, videos and ideas submitted by wedding photographers from all over North America.

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WedFog Article: Wedding Reception Ideas

When it comes to wedding receptions what better place to look for ideas than a wedding photographer?  Each and every year photographer Christa Hoffarth gets to attend dozens of wedding receptions and has this to say...

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WedFog Article: Planning a beach wedding

Chris Mann of Tropical Imaging lives on the Turks and Caicos Islands and has this to say about beach weddings, "It’s worth taking some time to choose this carefully. Getting married in front of the hotel or resort at which you are staying is the most convenient, but bear in mind that the beach may be crowded and there will most likely be onlookers watching the ceremony....."

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Q. Can I make a digital wedding album from film negatives?

Can you purchase the negatives from your photographer? Perhaps you could purchase digital negative scans from the photographer. The photographers professional lab should be able to get the best scans from the negatives using the proper equipment.
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Q. Officiant, "No pictures during the ceremony.” What do we do?

Your wedding photographer will want to clarify exactly what "no pictures" means.  It could mean that pictures can be taken during the processional and recessional only, or that no flash pictures can be taken...

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Q. Are there some hairstyles that look better or worse in wedding photographs?

Most people will go for the hairstyles that emphasize their good features and avoid styles that emphasize what they’re trying to hide.  A very important factor to consider is...
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Q. What is a boudoir photography session?

Boudoir photography sessions are tasteful photos that hint at sexiness...These sessions are cute, fun, sexy, flirty and even a bit sensual all the while maintaining your comfort level.
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Q. Can our wedding photographer remove a person from the photos?

Most wedding photographers will charge an additional hourly fee for the effort that goes into removing a person from a photograph because getting it right is very time consuming and sometimes difficult....
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Q. Do wedding photographers offer discounts for off-season or weekday weddings?

Photographers often get many requests for the same wedding date but are often limited to shooting only one wedding a day.  To encourage clients to book off-season or weekday weddings...
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Q. How can I include my dog in the wedding photography?

For your wedding day, small dogs can be pulled by a child in a wagon, and dogs of any size can walk someone down the aisle...
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Q. How do I find the right wedding photographer?

You should choose a wedding photographer based on several considerations.  First, of course, you must love his or her work.  Look for a photographer whose work moves you, whose style you love, and who tells a story...
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Q. How should I determine my wedding photography budget?

Before asking yourself how much you should allocate for your wedding photographer, first gauge the importance and the amount of emphasis your wedding photography will play in remembering your big day...
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Q. Why is there such a price disparity in wedding photography?

There are a host of reasons why some wedding photographers will charge a lot and some will charge very little for their services.  A well-established wedding photographer with a great reputation who has been shooting weddings for a long time can command a higher price...
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WedFog Blog: How to seat your guests

A great dinner party is all about "Assigned" seating. Just try and think of your wedding reception as a dinner party on steroids and perhaps you can put some of the following advice into play....

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WedFog Blog: Have your cake and Eat it too!

Wedding cakes, as we all know, are more than just another dessert. Originally symbolic of bringing two families together they have become works of stunning visual art. It's almost a shame that they disappear so quickly after the reception begins. I say almost because who doesn't love a great piece of wedding cake...

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