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I wear glasses. Will that interfere with the quality of my wedding photographs?

Glasses sometimes present a bit of a challenge to the wedding photographer.  After all, they partially obscure one (or two!) of your most expressive features—your eyes!  Wedding photographers often make the eyes the focal point of their images, so wearing glasses could affect the final product.  Glasses also can produce unwanted glare in your photographs.  One way to minimize that glare is to tilt the arms of your glasses up a bit so that the lenses are angled downward.  Your wedding photographer may have other tips, so don’t hesitate to ask.  It’s sometimes possible to digitally remove eyeglass glare from pictures, but be aware that some wedding photographers will charge extra for this service—particularly if it’s needed in multiple photographs.  All wedding photographers have their own standards regarding the extent to which they will retouch photos before charging an extra fee, so be sure to clarify that point with your photographer prior to your wedding.


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