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Why is our wedding photographer so interested in natural lighting?

Natural lighting is a wedding photographer’s best friend.  Wedding photography involves fast-paced, constantly changing situations. There may not be enough time to set up elaborate artificial lighting in every situation and location.  The less time the photographer has to spend setting up lighting, the more time he or she has to shoot your wedding.  Natural light is at its most beautiful and flattering in the couple of hours after sunrise and before sunset, but a great photographer can find nice lighting and create interesting photography at high noon, and yes, even indoors.  However, sometimes natural light does not cooperate!  Many wedding photographers are experts at quickly creating artificial lighting that flatters their clients.  They can enhance a scene using a single light or multiple lights, either on movable stands or held on a pole by an assistant.  They may even use artificial light outdoors to add sparkle to eyes and faces.


Contributed by Josh Goodman Photography

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