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Are there some hairstyles that look better or worse in wedding photographs?

Most people will go for the styles that emphasize their good features and avoid styles that emphasize what they’re trying to hide.  A very important factor to consider is the weather—particularly wind.  Be sure to consider how your hair will look if there is a breeze blowing, especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony.  If you’re taking any photographs outdoors, then a style that involves loose hair will be more challenging.  A style that has most of your hair pinned or tied back but leaves tendrils framing the face could negatively impact your wedding photographs because you may find yourself pushing the tendrils out of your face all day long.  When you don't push the tendrils away, the photograph will obscure your eyes- your most expressive feature!  Keep in mind that if you use glitter-spray on your hair, it could end up on the groom’s suit and give the appearance of dandruff in photographs.


Contributed by Carol Darby

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