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Can our wedding photographer avoid the red-eye effect in our wedding photographs?

The red-eye effect—in which the eyes seem to have another-worldly glow—is actually the result of quick bursts of light bouncing off the eye’s retina and being reflected back toward the camera.  The red-eye effect is more common when the lighting is very low, thus causing the pupils to open up to a wider size.  Your wedding photographer will likely have various techniques for avoiding red-eye when shooting your pictures, one of the most common: Keeping the flash a short distance away from the camera lens.  If the flash is very, very, close to the lens, as is the case with many consumer point-and-shoot cameras, red eye will often result.  If red-eye is unavoidable, your photographer may use various software techniques to correct images in which the problem occurs.


Contributed by Holy MoLee Photography

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