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Why is there such a price disparity among wedding photographers?

There are a host of reasons why some wedding photographers will charge a lot and some will charge very little for their services.  A well-established wedding photographer with a great reputation who has been shooting weddings for a long time can command a higher price, and still might have more business than he or she can handle.  A wedding photographer may be shooting weddings part time who has a full-time job that pays the mortgage, so, in some cases, this wedding photographer can charge what he or she would like without concern about his or her basic living expenses.  If the wedding photographer is new, he or she might be more concerned with portfolio building than making enough money to earn a profit.  There is a misconception that wedding photographers makes a lot of money working only one day a week, but in addition to the actual day of shooting, there is usually at least 25 hours of back end work involved in each wedding.


Contributed by San Diego California wedding photographer Patrick Lockwood

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