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Can our wedding videographer take photographs as well?

Wedding photography and wedding videography both require great skill, attention to detail, and motivation to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments.  Having one person dedicated to each medium is surely the best way to get great coverage.  Companies that offer both wedding photography and wedding video services may provide an opportunity for some cost savings, but when using a company that offers dual coverage you should make certain that the photographers and videographers specialize in the equipment and techniques for the jobs they are hired to do.  You probably don’t want your wedding photography to be handled by a videographer who brings along an unskilled person to take pictures.  Some videographers present cost savings by offering still pictures from the video they shoot.  These photographs are technically and artistically inferior because a videographer’s camera is designed for capturing movement, while a photographer’s professional camera is designed to capture a moment.


Contributed by Mark Gardner Photography

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