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Can we expect our wedding photographer to take table shots?

This will depend on the wedding photographer's approach and style.  There is a trend toward fewer photographers offering table shots, for a number of reasons, the first of which is that times have changed: At most weddings, the only time everyone might be seated at their tables is when dinner is served, forcing the wedding photographer to interrupt the guests’ meal for photos.  If one person is missing from the table, the photographer has to revisit the table.  Multiply that times 20 tables and you can see how the photographer could miss imporant events during the reception!  Most wedding photographers will photograph the head tables and parent tables, if you request it.  Some wedding photographers will only agree to table shots if the bride and groom are present for each of these photos, which may make guests more willing to cooperate.  Some wedding photographers charge an additional fee for table photographs or will require a minimum order of such photographs.


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