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There's a one-hour gap between our wedding ceremony and our reception. Do we have to pay our wedding photographer for that time?

Most wedding photographers are commissioned to photograph your wedding day continuously.  Depending on the distance between your ceremony and reception locations, this hour could be spent in your limousine traveling between the two venues.  If that’s the case, why not ask your photographer to ride in the limo with you and take some fun shots?  If the two locations are near each other, or if the ceremony and reception are at the same venue, you could utilize this hour for group photos or portraits of the two of you.  Alternately, your wedding photographer could document you mingling with your guests.  Some wedding photographers may also use this time to take some detail shots of, for example, your table setting, centerpieces, and place cards... all the little things you have put a lot of effort into to create your beautiful wedding day.


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