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Our officiant has told us, "No pictures during the ceremony.” What do we do?

Your wedding photographer will want to clarify exactly what "no pictures" means.  It could mean that pictures can be taken during the processional and recessional only, or that no flash pictures can be taken during the ceremony, or that pictures can only be taken from the rear of the venue.  Or, it could indeed mean that absolutely no pictures at all can be taken.  The "no pictures" rule may stem from religious tradition, or it may simply be in place because the officiant feels that photography is a distraction during the ceremony.  In any case, communication is the key to getting great photographs during your ceremony.  The couple, the parents, or even the wedding photographer may be able to work out a solution with the officiant that is acceptable to all parties.  However, if there is a steadfast refusal to allow picture-taking, the best alternative is a re-enactment after the ceremony.  Some officiants will participate in ceremony reenactments, but this may not be a satisfactory alternative if your primary interest is to capture genuine moments of emotion.


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