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Will our wedding photographer be taking pictures of me in my underwear?

The simple answer to this question is, “Not if you don’t want me to.”  For many brides—putting on the dress is a moment full of excitement, anticipation, and even joyful tension.  The people helping you—perhaps your mom and your friends—are so happy for you.  This is the moment when it all becomes real for many brides—the dress is on and you’re ready to go.  For these reasons, your wedding photographer will want to be in the room with you.  Your wedding photographer will be respectful of your feelings and will leave the room if that is your wish.  The photographer can also turn away at the most delicate moments of the dressing process, or simply take photos of your face, so the moment is recorded, but there are no photos of you in your underwear.  Let your photographer know your preferences, because above all, your wedding photographer wants you to feel completely comfortable.


Contributed by Tying the Knot Photography

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