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What should we consider before I including my dog in our wedding photography?

Your dog should only be included if your wedding photography locations specifically allow dogs.  Additionally, consider their temperament, it is best if they are  generally calm around many people.  If including them in the wedding, you may want to note this in the invitation and on your wedding website, as some people may be afraid of, or allergic to them.

What roles can our dog play on our wedding day?

With any session, specificaly your engagement session, you may want to walk and run with them, hold them in your arms, and just have fun playing  with them.  For your wedding day, small dogs can be pulled by a child in a wagon, and dogs of any size can walk someone down the aisle.

What other details should we remember when including our dog in our wedding?

Your pet must rely on you to provide food and water, so make sure to have them and dishes available.   You should also have someone in charge of walking and cleaning up after them.  Even if dogs are welcome at your reception site, they may not be comfortable with all the noise and activity, so you probably would want to arrange for someone to take the dog to your home or another agreed upon location beforehand.  If bringing them to the reception, have your designated dog handler be ready to take the dog(s) home early if the excitement gets to be too much for them.


Contributed by Danielle Stolman of Not So Still Life Photography a San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer.

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