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Do we have to have a receiving line?

Etiquette used to be that you had to have a receiving line immediately after the wedding ceremony. This is no longer the case, as many couples opt to skip the receiving line entirely and go table to table at the reception instead. If time is a concern, but you still wish to receive your guests, dismissing them from the church pew by pew is a great option, as guests will often bottleneck as they try to exit. With a traditional 250 guest receiving line easily taking as long as 30 minutes to get thru this option will allow you to control the pace at which your guests leave while family and friends can still great them at the rear of the church. As any wedding photographer will tell you time we have to take wedding photos between the ceremony and reception is often at a premium so extra time is always appreciated.


Contributed by Mark A. Lutz of Mark Lutz Photography an Altoona Pennsylvania wedding photographer.

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