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Can we get a group shot of everyone at the wedding?

Discuss this special photo opportunity with your wedding photographer.  A group shot of all your guests may be done with careful preparation on the part of you, your wedding photographer, and your guests.  Talk to your photographer about how many people are expected to be in the photo, and where and when the photo should be taken.  The photographer will need a location that will allow everyone to be seen in the photo.  A great time to record a group shot is right after the ceremony, and this can be arranged by putting a note in the program informing guests that their presence is requested as soon as the service ends.  Alternately, the officiant can make an announcement toward the end of the ceremony so that everyone remains for the photo.  If the photo is to be done at the reception, you can have someone such as the DJ make an announcement to gather everyone.


Contributed by Roger Beck Photography

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