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Sometimes photos at wedding receptions look dark in the background. Why is this?

If the room is dark, the picture will be, too.  The wedding photographer’s flash will only light whatever is directly in front of it.  If you’re standing in front of a flash, you’re brightly lit, but the back of a big reception hall, off in the distance, will remain dark.  Wedding photographers can use certain techniques to brighten the background of an image.  For example, the photographer can expose the picture for a longer period of time for a brighter image overall.  But if people are moving while the shutter is open, the camera will capture that movement and the people in the background will come out blurry in the image.  Some wedding photographers place extra lights around the room.  This brightens the background, but the extra flashes around the room can be noticeable to guests.


Contributed by Raymond Bruce Fosdick

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