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Wedding Photography FAQ: At the Wedding

Your wedding photography FAQ is answered here.  You want to ensure you know what you want at the wedding, and WedFog can help.  The FAQs below will help answer your current questions as well as provide answers to the ones you haven't thought of yet.


At the Wedding FAQs:

  1. Can we include our dogs in the wedding ceremony and photography?
  2. Are there warmer climate options for European Destination Weddings?
  3. Do we have to have a receiving line?
  4. What happens if our wedding photographer can't make it to the wedding?
  5. There's a one-hour gap between our wedding ceremony and our reception. Do we have to pay our wedding photographer for that time?
  6. Tips for Taking Wedding Photos in the Snow
  7. Will our wedding photographer ride with us in the limo?
  8. Can our wedding videographer take photographs as well?
  9. Can we get a group shot of everyone at the wedding?
  10. Will our wedding photographer be taking pictures of me in my underwear?
  11. How much time should we expect our wedding photographer to need for formal photographs?
  12. Do I need to provide a meal for my wedding photographer at the reception?
  13. Can we expect our wedding photographer to take table shots?
  14. Will our wedding photographer attend the wedding rehearsal?
  15. Our reception hall has a lot of windows and mirrors. Is that going to be a problem for our wedding photographer?
  16. Can our wedding photographer make me look thinner? How about taller, prettier, or smarter?
  17. What is the best time of day to take photographs for a winter wedding?
  18. Will our wedding photographer allow our friends to take pictures at the wedding?
  19. Will our wedding photographer charge us for travel between the ceremony and the reception?
  20. How far will our wedding photographer travel for our wedding?
  21. Our officiant has told us, "No pictures during the ceremony.” What do we do?
  22. Sometimes photos at wedding receptions look dark in the background. Why is this?
  23. If our reception runs late, will our wedding photographer stay to cover it? How much more will this cost?
  24. How many hours will our wedding photographer shoot?