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My wedding photographs are pictures of me, and I paid for them—so why don't I own them?

You do own your wedding photographs!  The prints that you contracted for, the albums, the CD's, the DVD's. You've paid for them, and they are yours.  Most professional photographers retain the rights to their artistic vision-- what they shoot through the lens, studied, and perfected-- and you purchase the ownership of the products that come from that artistic vision.  A wedding photographer's studio is a business, and by selling his artistic vision, he or she feeds his family.  The reason CD's and DVD's are sometimes copy-protected is that so those who are tempted can't steal that artistic vision to make free products for themselves.  Many major and small stores that handle consumer photography printing will refuse to make copies of work stamped with a photographer's copyright.  There are wedding photography studios that will allow you to purchase the originals so that you can make duplicates, which usually won't be as high quality nor as carefully edited as those you'd purchase from a professional wedding photographer.


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