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Why does my print look different than the image on your website?

Each camera makes a print size that has its own rectangular shape – a large number of cameras have a ratio that for every 2 inches the print goes in one direction, it needs to go 3 in the other.  That's why 4x6 prints are a popular size for small frames and proofs.  A full frame print would make a perfect 8x12 -- but many brides want an 8x10 print because of the wide availability of 8x10 frames.  To fit in the frame, part of the 8x12 image must be cropped off.  If the photo is shot in such a way that the image might be compromised if an area was cropped off, there is an alternative.  Rather than cropping, the total image can be reduced until it fits within the 8x10 area; but since the ratio must be maintained, the remaining area is filled with a border.  In this way, the integrity of the original image is maintained.


Contributed by Mindy Belcher

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