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Why will our wedding photographer give us a deadline for creating the album?

One reason some wedding photographers impose this deadline is that it helps them manage timelines within their studios. This allows the photographer to provide great customer service to each client. Another reason is that after the exhausting experience of planning a wedding, couples often return from their honeymoon and take a break. Believe it or not, it is common for brides and grooms to take months, and even years to select their photos. Before the wedding, each of those couples insisted they'd never ever wait. But it happens. Frequently!

If a couple waits until two years after the wedding to select their album photos, prices will have most likely increased in that time. Therefore, some photographers may impose a surcharge on wedding album orders that come in past the deadline. In some cases, the photographer may even tell you that your album is forfeited if the order is not received by the deadline. Check your contract to be sure you understand the terms and conditions of ordering albums, as different wedding photographers have different policies.

Contributed by Cordele Photography

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