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Wedding Photography FAQ: After the Wedding

Have a wedding photography FAQ for what happens after the wedding?  We have an answer!  See what brides-to-be are asking and know what to expect after you return from the honeymoon.


After the Wedding FAQs:

  1. Why will our wedding photographer give us a deadline for creating the album?
  2. What is a proof? What are the advantages to online proofing?
  3. Can I post my wedding photographs on my own website/blog/Facebook, etc?
  4. Our wedding photos were shot on film. Can they be edited and placed in a wedding album?
  5. Will our wedding photographer email pictures of the flowers to our florist?
  6. My wedding photographs are pictures of me, and I paid for them—so why don't I own them?
  7. Can I get the raw, untouched files of my wedding images?
  8. Can I make copies of the CD or DVD of my wedding images?
  9. If our wedding photographer provides us with a photo CD, can we send some of our favorite images to our other vendors?
  10. Why do enlargements of wedding photos cost so much?
  11. Can I choose black-and-white, sepia, or color for any shot?
  12. How long can I expect my wedding photographs to last?
  13. Can our wedding photographer remove a person from the photos?
  14. How much input will we have in the design of our wedding album?
  15. What is color correction?
  16. What does basic retouching cover?
  17. How quickly will we receive our proofs from our wedding photographer?
  18. What do wedding photographers do with the photos they don’t use?
  19. Why will we have to wait so long to get our digital wedding photographs?
  20. How quickly will we receive our wedding album?
  21. What are the different types of wedding albums?
  22. Our wedding photographer mentioned “digital negatives.” What are these?
  23. Can we keep the printed proofs created by our wedding photographer?
  24. I would like my wedding photographer to create an album for my grandparents. How would this work?
  25. Why does my print look different than the image on your website?
  26. Does My Dress Have to be Trashed?