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Q. Are there warmer climate options for European Destination Weddings?

Yes indeed there are. I would recommend Italy, Greece, South of France, Spain and any where in the Mediterranean during the summer months - in fact spring or autumn may suite some of the wedding destinations better due to the heat!

In July 2008 we shot a destination wedding in Pafos, Cyprus. Cyprus is located close to Turkey and Greece. The North of the island is Turkish and the South is Greek Cypriot and is the Republic of Cyprus. The temperature during the day was 36 degrees celsius and 28 degrees at night.

Tips for hot weather weddings:

  • It may sound obvious but choose suitable attire for your wedding day. The full morning suite with cravat and waistcoat may suite a quintessential english wedding but is totally impractical in the scorching sun. We have shot a few weddings where the bride and groom have made this mistake.
  • Consider having professionally designed silk bridal bouquets made before you leave for your destination. This way you will have complete control over how your flowers look and they wont wilt in the heat during the wedding day. There are some really high quality suppliers who do these now and they are very realistic looking.
  • Sun cream. Apply sun cream before walking down the sandy aisle on the beach. Brides can request that the makeup artist use a concealer that has Non-chemical SPF sun protection.
  • Ensure all paperwork is in order. Passports have at least six month validity on them. Check with the country's authorities what their rules are for marriage. Some places do not allow you to get married on the beach for example, other examples are having to sign the registry under a roof which is the rule in South Africa.


Submitted by Surrey London wedding photographers Chanelle Segerius-Bruce & Craig Bruce

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