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How far in advance do we have to do our engagement photos in order to have a framed portrait displayed at our wedding?

Some wedding photographers require engagement photos to be taken only a few weeks in advance of the wedding, while others may recommend scheduling the engagement photo session months ahead of time.  Many factors come into play in getting an engagement photo ready in time for your wedding, starting with the photo shoot itself.  If you’re doing an outdoor or location shoot, you should allow enough time for weather-related rescheduling.  Once the photos have been shot, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get the proofs back to you.  You then need to decide which one to have enlarged and framed, and allow time for printing and framing.  You may save some time by picking a frame in advance; your photographer or frame shop can help you with this.  The smartest course: Even if the date is a mere two months before your wedding, chedule your engagement photography shoot at the time you sign your contract with your wedding photographer.


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