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Q. Does my dress have to be "trashed"?

In short no. A lot of the trash the dress or next day creative shoots that we do with our couples (and they can include the groom) may be out of the norm but the dresses generally survive the experience and are absolutely fine after a dry clean.

The point of these shoots is not to go out and destroy the dress as such. Here in Europe we call our sessions "Shoot The Dress" because of the fashion style element. These sessions are particularly popular with our destination weddings.

Bear in mind that our aim is to create beautiful unique wedding photography that goes beyond the traditional idea of what it should be. This is a fun experience and we highly recommend it, so much so that my husband and I who work as a team actually did a trash the dress style shoot after our own wedding last year!


Submitted by Surrey London wedding photographers Chanelle Segerius-Bruce & Craig Bruce


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