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Why Should I Have an Engagement Session?

Casey Karbowski - Planning a wedding is not easy. Coordinating a complicated event, consisting of wedding photographers, DJs, florists, and venues isn’t easy. What’s more, you’ve never needed most of these professional services before, and you’re not an expert in hiring them. In the midst of all of this, it be easy to lose focus on probably the most important professional you hire, the one with whom you entrust your memories and spend much of your day with: your photographer.


casey karbowski seattle wedding photographer

On your wedding day, you’ll spend more time interacting with your photographer than anyone else (outside your current and future family.) Your wedding photographer is someone you want to be comfortable with and develop a strong rapport. But although you will meet at your consultation meeting, an hour long conversation can only so much to build a relationship.

Moreover, most brides are not models. Thy have never worked with a professional wedding photographer before, and if they have its been years and the experience has mostly faded from memory. It can be hard to feel comfortable working with a professional on your first try.

But there’s a great solution to these problems: an engagement session. What’s an engagement session, you ask? It’s a one to two hour photo shoot with you and your fiancée, where you learn to get comfortable with your photographer and get some great images of you together.

It’s tempting to think of an engagement session as only an opportunity for a few more photos. After all, you already have an image that will work for your save the date card, right? While you probably have some nice photos of the two of you together, there’s much more to an engagement session than just getting an image for the save the date card.

Besides being an opportunity to get some great photos of you two, an engagement session let’s you practice loosening up so you can be yourself around your photographer. In my experience, there’s no better preparation for your wedding day better than working with your photographer at an engagement session.

Best of all, an engagement session is an expression of your personality. Choose a location that tells something about the two of you. First dates, proposals, favorite hang outs, all of these can make great spots for the engagement shoot.

In the Seattle area, I often suggest Alki Beach, the Seattle Center area, and the museum of Glass in Tacoma as artistic places that lend themselves to great pictures with your Seattle wedding photographer.

So when preparing your wedding budget, set aside a few hundred dollars for an engagement session. The benefits will make you be glad you did.


Seattle wedding photographer / Seattle engagement photographer Casey Karbowski of Casey Karbowski Photographer is passionate about wedding photography as is evidenced by his commitment to his clients. He routinely helps brides make informed decisions about photography, even if they end up booking another photographer.

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