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Wedding Theme Ideas
by Jesh de Rox

As a wedding photographer, I've been blessed to witness a variety of amazing celebrations.  Of all the different family and ethnic traditions and ceremonies, the one thing that all the best weddings have in common, no matter the budget, is that the relationships are the primary focus. 

There are few times in life where you'll be surrounded by so many people who love and appreciate you.  I promise you, no exotic floral arrangement or intimate candle lighting can compare to or replace the simple honest beauty of moments shared between loved ones.  They are the most precious possessions we have, and all the rest loses meaning without them.

While planning your celebration, choose ceremonies and themes that have special meaning for you and your family, and that bring people together in a way that expresses those connections.  Give people opportunities to share that part of themselves.

When looking for wedding vendors to help create your event, follow the same philosophy.  Find people who you really connect with and who understand that this isn't just a celebration, it's about you.  It is especially important that your photographer understand that you want images that express the connections between you and your loved ones, not just pretty pictures.

As a wedding theme, focus on the love between you, your family and friends, and your wedding will be a uniquely beautiful and meaningful experience that will be warmly remembered by all who attend. 

Jesh de Rox provides experiential photography for people in love. He currently lives in Western Canada with his beautiful family and runs a successful fine art studio servicing clients around the world.

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