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Wedding Makeup: Advice From a Wedding Photographer
by Tina Kim

As a wedding photographer, one of the most frequently asked questions by brides is about their wedding day makeup. Of course, they want to look beautiful in person and also in their photographs. With over 27 years of experience photographing brides, we’ve collected some great tips to set our brides at ease.

The first rule is that you want to look like YOU, just more polished. More is not necessarily best! Keep it clean and simple!

You also want to remember to keep on trend for the season with a nod to how you will look in your photographs when viewed by subsequent generations. You don't want to have a look that will be “dated”. Think classic!

  • Always, always practice makeup before the Big Day, give it a trial run whether or not you are doing your own makeup or having it done.
  • Ask for recommendations of the best in the beauty business.
  • You want to be "matte" for your day, without looking cakey. Rice paper blotting papers are a must for your travel bag.
  • Our makeup choice is from Bare Escentuals, available locally and on the Internet at Powder based for a soft matte look it photographs very well and requires few easily accomplished touchups.
  • A formal bridal portrait offers the chance to test your choices. If you are having a bridal portrait session you will get a chance to see how long it takes to do your makeup, how it feels, how long it lasts and most importantly how it looks in your wedding photos.
  • Long-lasting lip color, eye shadow and liner are available and useful. Remember, you will be 'kissed on' a lot during your day, and you might shed a tear or two.
  • Waterproof mascara is a must--- don’t forget to purchase remover!
  • Expensive is not always best. Oh sure, we love the cosmetics in the shiny black containers with the big white "C"....... or many other of the shishi brands. But they are not always best. If you already use the pricier brands, great, no need to stop now! If you don't, don't feel like you must. The most important thing is HOW you look with your makeup style, NOT the name of the brand itself.
  • When you have on your ‘trial wedding face-- ask for opinions...and listen! Everyone has an opinion and they will be more than happy to give you one if you ask (and sometimes if you don't!)
  • Remember, if you are not happy with the way you look on your wedding day your wedding photos will capture every detail! Plan ahead!

 Bobbi Brinkman Photography

Tina Kim is a freelance writer and the Creative Director at Bobbi Brinkman Photography in St. Louis Missouri. Before she wrangled brides for a living she worked in the cosmetics industry in Manhattan, believing without a doubt that beauty is indeed painful.


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