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After the Wedding Portraits: Trash the Dress?
by Jason Domingues

As photographers, we actively encourage all of our wedding clients to do "Trash the Dress" sessions after the wedding, or as we like to call them, Un-Bridal sessions. While we aren’t personally opposed to the term “Trash the Dress”, it just doesn’t really reflect what we or many other photographers do. We tell our clients, “Trash the Dress” is a buzz term that gets people’s attention and sparks their interest, but we don’t actually trash the dress. When we sit down with a client to discuss the session, we tell them that we want them to be open-minded and not afraid of getting a little crazy and that while we can’t guarantee anything, 99% of the time they can still take their dress and get it cleaned and preserved if they wish.

Being that we live in Kansas City, the "City of Fountains", our favorite thing to do is take our brides and couples to play in the water. Believe it or not, wedding dresses can get wet and still turn out just fine!However, if our clients want to go on a roller coaster at Worlds of Fun, go get a little grungy in a downtown alley, or go get a meal at a greasy bbq joint, that is fine with us. Basically an Un-Bridal session is getting into your wedding dress and going anywhere you wouldn’t normally see someone in a wedding dress with your photographer in tow.

There are plenty of reasons you should consider an "After the Wedding" bridal portrait session:

1. Chances are, your wedding dress will be out of style someday, and no matter how hard you try, your daughters will never want to wear the dress. It is a wonderful thing to do because it symbolizes your commitment to your husband. You've just been married, and by “trashing” your dresses, you are basically saying that you'lll never again need to wear it.

2. Brides have a love/hate relationship with their dresses.They searched long and hard to find the perfect dress. They are so incredibly beautiful, pieces of art really, but they cost a fortune. It’s a darn shame to wear it for one day and then put it away forever.

3. An Un-Bridal session allows you, and maybe your groom, to get some sexy, edgy, and very artistic photos of you in your dress that you'd never dream of doing on your wedding day. Something you will truly treasure forever…. and you’ll have a blast doing it.

Bottom line: we think everyone should do it because we’ve never had anyone regret it. We’ve had a few brides and their mothers who've looked at us like we were from another planet when we brought up the idea of an after the wedding portrait Session. It turns out, those were the ones who loved it the most. It’s an experience of a lifetime and we certainly hope it’s not a fad that fades anytime soon.


Jason is the owner of Domingues Photography and is located in Prairie Village, Kansas a burb of Kansas City



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