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What are some of the latest trends emerging in wedding photography?

Day After sessions are one of the latest trends in wedding photography. Gone are the days of 'pre-bridal' sessions and worrying about getting your dress dirty. Brides and grooms can participate in a variety of fun, romantic and even sexy sessions after their actual wedding day. Sessions can be done one week, one month or even one year after the big day.

There are a variety of session types including the "trash the dress" session that has been making national headlines. A typical "trash the dress" session starts out with a bride in her wedding gown and a unique location. Artfully posed in a beautiful environment with dramatic lighting lends it's style to a high-fashion type of photo. Most of the trash the dress style sessions end with the bride in her gown laying in sand or dirt or even in a pool of water.

The name "Trash the Dress" is sometimes misleading. It is a catchy name for artistic photos taken in unusual places. Whether or not you actually trash your dress is up to you. Most of the time a little water doesn't hurt the dress and a little dirt can be dry-cleaned making the dress as good as new. If you are worried about ruining your dress you can talk to your photographer about location options or even wear another gown.

The reasons some brides choose to do a day after session:

  • Want to try a different hair or makeup technique than they had on their wedding day
  • Wants to be more sexy with poses
  • More time to get artistic wedding photos in another location
  • Less stressful than wedding day photography
  • Not worried about getting the dress dirty
  • Feels so beautiful in gown and want to wear it again
  • Gift for groom
  • Fun!


Contributed by Amy Gaerthofner of Ardent Photography in Neenah, Wisconsin. and

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