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Selecting Your Wedding Photos
by JP and Amy Prutch

When selecting wedding photos for your album there are a few things to consider – the album style, the album size, the amount of images included in your package. Also when selecting wedding photos you want to consider whether you are telling a story or just displaying favorites.

The album style

Do you prefer a mat style (where all photos are mounted under or within textured mats) or a magazine style album, which often include overlays and collages of your wedding photos.   Mat albums are generally bound by leather, fabric, or even metals or plastic.  Flush mount albums offer the same bindings as mat style and page thickness are about the same.  The coffee table album is just that, the style of book that would be displayed on your coffee table, or found in your bookshelf. Coffee Table albums have thinner pages, so even though these books are thinner they tend to have a lot more pages to play with.

The album size

A flush mount (magazine style) album will generally fit more of your wedding photos than a traditional mat album. Coffee table albums can fit even more wedding photos. More pages equals more story. A bigger album (10x10 vs. 14x14) may give you a little room for more wedding photos but generally it just means bigger images.

What's included

Some packages may include 50-75 images, this would be enough to show off you favorites from your wedding day, if you are trying to tell a story this is the time to consider an upgrade in package or start adding images to your existing package. A package offering 100 -200 will allow better room to tell your story.

More formals or more documentation

Depending on how many formals were taken, how big the wedding party was, or how many family groupings were done, formals can fill an album quick and not leave much room for a story. If doing a Mat or Flush Mount  album you might want to consider doing two albums if you find yourself in this situation, one album for formals only and the other album for the story. A Coffee Table album will leave you room for both.

JP and Amy Prutch of We Love Weddings live and work in Seattle Washington.

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