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Finding a Bridal Gown That’s Uniquely “You”
by Melissa Tirado

For a bride, one of the major highlights of the wedding planning process is selecting the perfect bridal gown  After looking through hundreds or thousands of photos in magazines, it all finally comes together during those glorious hours spent in a bridal gown salon trying on dozens of different bridal gowns.

Perhaps you already have a vision of what the perfect bridal gown will be. Or maybe you have absolutely no idea what you want to wear on your wedding day. Either way, the task of deciding which bridal gown is the one” for you can be a pretty daunting one. There are seemingly endless styles to select from and even more details that can make a bridal gown uniquely “you.” Are you a contemporary bride? Perhaps you’re a more traditional kind of girl. Your bridal gown is a chance to express your own unique style and personality on one of the most important days of your life. From an incredibly full strapless ball gown to the silky drapery fit of a modern evening gown, only you will know when you have found the right gown.

Remember all of those hours that you spent looking at bridal gowns in all of those magazines? Take advantage of them! Cut out some of your favorite bridal gowns and bring them with you when you begin dress shopping.

There are a few different factors that can also help you narrow your choices. This will depend on what will look best with your own body shape and what you feel most comfortable in. Think about how your bridal gown will go with the setting of your wedding – what season will it be?  Where will it be held? If you will be barefoot on a beach while reciting your vows, you may opt for a different bridal gown than if you were going to be having a black tie affair.

Above all, the bridal gown you choose has to be “you.”  You have to feel like the most beautiful woman who has ever walked the earth when you step into it. Because when the day comes for you to finally wear it,you will be.


Melissa Tirado co-owns Tirado Photography with her husband and partner, Rene in the Boston area.  Winners of the 2007 Best of Boston award for Best Photographer, they specialize in creating fresh, modern images for their clients.

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