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Planning your Wedding Day Photography
by Laura Novak

At a wedding, there are a variety of factors to take into account when deciding how the day is going to flow.  Organizing all of your pre-wedding tasks can feel challenging as the big day draws near.

Getting Ready

Most photographers encourage ”getting ready” photographs, which occur when the excited bride is finalizing her wedding preparations with her loved ones.  This is a wonderful time to capture candid photographs of mothers, grandmothers, sisters, bridesmaids, and any other individuals who are important to the her.  At this time, it’s helpful to the photographer if your flowers are already delivered, any jewelry or heirlooms (like a handkerchief) are displayed on a dresser, and that your dress is hanging in a nearby bedroom.  The excitement a on a bride-to-be’s face is precious to capture during this time of anticipation and joy.

The Ceremony

During the ceremony, your photographer will allow you to proceed with your plans while he carefully documents the vows.  Yet, it’s always important to check with your officiant far in advance to determine if there are any restrictions for photography during the ceremony.  Be sure to make your photographer aware of any rules well before the wedding day, so there are no miscommunications about what you are and are not going to receive in your final proof set.

Formal Portraits

Although many couples traditionally take formal posed photographs after the ceremony, more brides and grooms are choosing to see each other before their ceremony to take photos.  The advantage to seeing each other beforehand is that your formal photographs will be completed so you can enjoy time with your guests after the ceremony.  Additionally, you may also not be as constricted for time if the photographs have already been taken.  On the other hand, this is a non-conventional approach in most cultures, which may not work if you prefer to maintain tradition.

The Reception

After your ceremony and formal photographs, it’s time to party!  Relaxing, enjoying your reception, and having fun are the best things you can do for your photographer.  Remember that a happy and relaxed bride is a photogenic bride.  It’s less important that your flowers are perfect or that your dress has a few wrinkles, and more important that you spend your day thrilled knowing that you are marrying the love of your life.


Laura Novak is the owner of Novak Photography.

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