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Capturing a Great Wedding Portrait
by John Edgar

When I look back at the wedding images that my mother and father have taken, I realize that they are nothing short of boring. Their albums are full of photos of people looking into the camera and smiling–and they aren’t even real smiles! Wedding portraits that are taken when you stand in front of the camera for two hours pretending to smile can be boring.

This is where non-traditional wedding portraits can play a wonderful part in your wedding day. Generally, non-traditional wedding portraits won’t have you standing and looking at the camera for long hours. Instead, the wedding portrait session is made to be fun and relaxed, a wonderful breeding ground for cultivating creativity. It can be a breath of fresh air during a long and tiring day.

Allowing total creative freedom will often result in stunning images that are totally unique to you. Everyone expects an image of you standing in front of a rose bush, or under an apple tree smiling and looking at the camera. Yet thinking outside the box will result in the unexpected. Instead of putting you in front of the tree and having you smile, we’ll put you in the tree and have you kiss. Krissy and Josh, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. It’s an image that you are bound to look back on and laugh, blush, and maybe even cry.

Why would anyone want to sit in a tree in their wedding dress on their wedding day anyway? Why would a bride want us to take her to the most run-down part of the city and have her pose in front of a dumpster with a graffiti wall? I think we all inherently want something unique and different. We don’t want the same as the Joneses. We want something else.

There is something wonderful about taking something amazingly beautiful, a bride, and putting her somewhere that is broken-down and dirty. It allows for a different take on things, contrast, colour, shape, and texture are all incorporated to make a very non-traditional wedding portrait.

A bride in a fountain exhilarated by the water, a beautiful bride in a shopping cart as her husband pushes her home, a bride in a bathroom stall reading a bridal magazine - it’s fun, creative and unique, just like you.


John Edgar of Still Motion Photo, a boutique style Photography and Cinematography company based out of Toronto, Canada.


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