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A Knight in Shining Armor - A Valentine's Day Engagement
by Mark Currier

Mark Currier shares with us the story of an amazing Valentine's Day engagement as told to him by his clients Brian and Elora.

Brian had decided to pop the big question to Elora on Valentine's Day. He took her to a Stake & Ale restaurant for dinner that evening. He had previously arranged his plan with the manager and told them what would happen and that he needed some help in pulling it off.

When they got to the restaurant they told the hostess that they would like a table for two. The hostess didn't know who they were, and as she was leading them to a table she mentioned that her manager said that a guy was supposed to propose to his girlfriend that night. Brian got very nervous thinking that the hostess had blown the deal. The hostess seated them and discretely pointed to another young couple across the room that she had seated only minutes before. Brian was very much relieved that his plan had not been completely blown and that this mistake might actually take some of the suspicion off of him. Elora kept watching the other couple throughout dinner to see what would happen.

Later into the evening Brian excused himself to go use the restroom. Coincidentally the other guy did the same not long afterwards. Brian was actually back in the manager's office putting on a suit of armor. After he got the armor on (he's a very big guy!), Brian came back into the room where Elora was seated wearing the suit of armor and carrying a ring box. He walked over to Elora and knelt down. Elora was very confused thinking that it was the other guy and told him that he was supposed to be over there, pointing to the table with the young girl sitting by herself. Just then, the other guy walked into the room, Brian flipped up the visor on the helmet and Elora started hyperventilating. Everyone in the room started clapping. Elora finally pulled herself together and said yes. Only the restaurant manager was in on it, the other couple and the hostess' comments were complete coincidence. Brian couldn't have planned it any better.

Mark Currier
is a lifestyle wedding photographer with offices in Chicago, Nashville and Williamsburg.