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How do I find an affordable wedding photographer?

For sure "Affordable" is a relative term. What may be affordable to you might be out of reach for someone else. What it boils down to is how do you get what you want within your perdetermined wedding photography budget. Here are a few tips that might help you stretch your numbers and still get the quality of wedding photography you desire.

  • Limited Coverage: When you begin your photography search don't be discouraged if you have your mind sent on a particular photographer but you're unsure if they will  fit within your budget. You may find that photographer offers a shorter length coverage that will fit within your budget. So ask for a pricelist before you cross them off your list.
  • Skip the Printed Proofs: Check to see if your photographer offers proofs on disk. Forgoing printed proofs in favor of disks can be a moneysaver in some cases.
  • Book their Associate: If you've fallen in love with a particular photographers work but they are out of your price range. Ask if they offer associate coverage? Often times a photographer will offer associate coverage at a lower rate than if you were booking them as the primary photographer for your wedding. Associates will have been trained to meet the studio's desired quality of work.
  • Ask for a Referral: Don't go back to square one,  if you've found a wedding photographer who's work you love but they simply don't fit into your budget don't be afraid to ask them for referrals. Most photographers will have more than a few are they are more than happy to give them out. As a bonus if they are referring to another studio chances are their work is on par with their own.


Contributed by Altoona Pennsylvania wedding photographer Mark A. Lutz of Mark Lutz Photography

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