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Planning a Wedding? Learn About WedFog

The Professional Wedding Photographers' Collective is dedicated to demystifying the process of selecting a wedding photographer and planning a wedding.

Wedding photography can be confusing! Packages, online proofing, overtime, digital negatives, reprint prices, wedding planning discussed all in one place. There's so much to learn, and it seems that every wedding photography studio has a different policy.

This website was created to help brides and grooms understand more about our industry and terms such as wedding photojournalism and what exactly is a wedding photojournalist. Answers to those questions mixed in among wedding photography tips and wedding planning tips in general.

Here, you can search for a wedding photographer who will best meet your needs, whether those needs are based on a location, a style such as wedding photojournalism, a price point, or a combination of requirements.

Our organization is committed to helping brides and grooms whom are planning a wedding select the best wedding photographer or wedding photojournalist for their special day thru our wedding planning and wedding photography tips written by real photographers. Our member photographers answer questions from real brides and grooms in our extensive bridal FAQ and wedding planning article section. All designed to help you when planning a wedding.

The Professional Wedding Photographers Collective is made up of hundreds of photographers from all over the world, who support this website. Be the traditional, documentary or wedding photojournalists, they share a common goal of educating brides and grooms about the choices available. Our members are committed to honest and open business principles, continuing their photography educations, and expanding the boundaries of their art.

We hope you'll learn all about wedding photography, wedding planning, wedding photojournalism and read the honest answers about our craft provided by some of the most dedicated wedding photographers and wedding photojournalists in the world. Planning a wedding is no small task and when you're ready, we hope you'll use our site to search for your perfect wedding photographer.